OI-MKII n.107 "Fredericks"

A conflicted droid with many possible paths.


Known Background

Fredericks started as a security droid headed for a detail on a distant world when his ship crash landed. Activating alone, he set out to become a trade merchant, a politician, and now a jack-of-all trades offering his varied skills to whoever can pay.

Known Obligations

  • Bounty (10) exists on his head from the company he was originally meant to serve. The advanced programming which allows him to choose his own fate is mighty expensive and they want a return on their investment!
  • Duty-Bound (5) to the shipping company who hired him after the crash, Fredericks can’t help but feel guilty that it hasn’t paid the full cost of his freedom yet.

Known Motivations

  • Droid Rights (Cause) are an important goal and cause for this droid.
  • Local Politics (Ambition) are of interest as well and Fredericks is always looking for a new crowd to sway to his causes.

OI-MKII n.107 "Fredericks"

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