Retired Smuggler and Admin of Waylon's Run


Known Background

The Administrator of Waylon’s Run, a space station making medical supplies for smuggling through Imperial tariffs. A former fringer and smuggler, he and his crew are the primary shareholders in the station’s operations.

Recent Events

  • He has hired the party to deliver a cargo of medical supplies to the planet Ryloth to a Twi’lek named Zorn.
  • Issued a shutdown of the station after a worker boss was murdered in order to prevent the culprit from escaping.
  • Has offered a bounty of a ship to the PCs in exchange for capturing the killer after it is revealed that they have begun subverting the station’s security droids.

Known Associates

  • Rango, Rodian barkeep. Claims to have flown with Waylon in his smuggling days.
  • Scotty, Duros doctor. Another former member of Waylon’s crew who was killed six months ago in a similar matter as the current victim.
  • Pirate Captain, name Unknown. A pirate has been attacking Waylon’s vessels which led to him sending out Golden Tickets in order to recruit a crew unknown to the pirate.


  • The name Waylon was stenciled onto the exterior of the station before the smuggler purchased it. Is Waylon his true name?
  • The PCs are not the first “Golden Ticket crew” Waylon has hired and at least one group ended poorly.
  • A smuggler typically doesn’t have the resources to buy a space station and set something like this up. Someone may be backing Waylon’s operation.


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